creating visibility

using art to see through the lens of violence-affected women

Student Project Funding 2019

Awarded by the student project council
of Justus Liebig University of Giessen

Brillenrand_3 Kopie
Brillenrand_12 Kopie
Brillenrand_5 Kopie
Brillenrand_6 Kopie
Brillenrand_7 Kopie
Brillenrand_1 Kopie
Brillenrand_4 Kopie
Brillenrand_8 Kopie
Brillenrand_9 Kopie
Brillenrand_10 Kopie
Brillenrand_13 Kopie
Brillenrand_11 Kopie
Brillenrand_2 Kopie

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Impressum | AGB | Datenschutzerklärung